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  • More on Branding

    Brilliant Design will bring with it a recognisable "face" which we will nurture into a Brand. You can never pay enough for creative design, so let's not short change 'the creatives' – they don't take kindly to it. I wonder if the people who created the 'Google' (brand value in 2008 around $86m); Microsoft (BV in 2008 = $70M$) and Coca Cola (BV in 2008 = $28m) thought their 'designs' would …

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  • Let’s talk Marketing!

    Welcome everyone – let's talk Marketing! My name is Frankie and this marks the beginning, of what I hope, to be a very insightful process. It is rather nerve racking putting myself and my thoughts in the public eye, but I believe the quickest way to learn about a topic, is to find like-minded people who aren't afraid of sharing their thoughts and experiences openly in the hopes that …

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