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The beginning of November marked a new start with a new identity for Roots SA.

It was a long time coming but totally worth the wait! Why a new identity? When Roots SA first opened in 2003 we only had Green Industry clients and the name, logo and feel of the business was perfect for what we needed. Since then we’ve branched out to be more than just green finger focussed and we thought it was time that our identity reflected this change.

We kept the name Roots SA because it’s not only symbolic of our historically green roots, but also because:

  1. Helping clients put down really firm roots into whatever industry they would like to penetrate has not changed.
  2. We go straight to the root of the challenges in previously established campaigns/strategies and fix them instead of covering them in plasters and hoping for the best.
  3. It represents our stability as a well established and trustworthy partner to work with. 

Having my new website go live and still enjoying looking at it after months of fine-tuning and edits is such a satisfying feeling. The Roots SA facebook and twitter accounts also saw the light of day and I’m looking forward to having many conversations that will challenge, entertain and empower all the people who take part.

I’ve worked on many websites and even though I know 'what it looks like' is not the reason people visit, it’s still a vital piece in the mix. People are more inclined to navigate a site that’s easy on the eye. Throw in user friendly, clean navigation with interesting content that people want to read, see and use and you’ve got yourself a winner. The user experience is everything.

Working with a great developer, Rob Greyling, was such an amazing experience. The tips, suggestions and discussions that came my way in terms of layout, colours, fonts, content, structure and user experience was invaluable. Finding a developer who is creative and thinks about the user experience just as much as my (the client) experience, is so rare. I normally have to find a happy medium between a developer who has very little creative flare and a designer who has very little regard for technical knowhow and structures. Not this time!

Rob’s suggestion was to develop my site based entirely on a CMS (Content Management System). Orchard CMS was our platform of choice. It was, unequivocally, the best decision I have made this century! I have complete real-time control over all my content, even my slider banner on the home page. That seriously rocks!

Well that’s enough about my website from the horses’ mouth. I’d love your comments or suggestions and ideas on how you think my site could be more awesome. Don’t be afraid. I’m a real good listener :)

Until next time!


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