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  • Media Buying is not for the fainthearted.

    Disclaimer: Although I am pretty sure the basic principles would apply worldwide, this blog post is for the South African market.

    One of the things I do for clients is make sure they reach the right market at the right price. Media buying is not for the fainthearted and if you’re tempted to buy a broom or feather duster every time that doorbell rings on a Sunday morning because “aww …

  • Blah, Blah *Durex* Blah, Blah

    Yesterday, the twitter account for Durex (@DurexSA) sparked a furore amongst the twitter community regarding sexist and distasteful jokes but in the end, a perceived “abuse against woman joke” sealed their fate.

    So my question is: Did they really cross the line?

    I’m going to say ... not necessarily ... until they started responding (or not) to the backlash. Are they crass? …

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  • Black Tuesday. Opening our eyes, 229 votes at a time.

    Today I watched the parliamentary proceedings relating to Black Tuesday and the Protection of State Information Bill (#POIB).

    I know nothing about politics other than, like religion; it ruins conversations and turns negative quite quickly. I am well aware that politicians are thieves of the most arrogant kind and even if some are better at hiding their misgivings than the ANC, they all have …

  • It’s Follow Friday on Twitter! YAY! (not really)

    Excuse my lack of enthusiasm on the topic of Follow Friday but it’s hard to be positive about something with such great potential that’s ended up being used politically for ego stroking of the worst kind.

    Some people are so addicted to bettering their online reputation they even retweet their own #FF’s and compliments. I’m still not sure whether that’s pure …

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  • It's a new era for Roots SA and we're feeling good!

    The beginning of November marked a new start with a new identity for Roots SA.

    It was a long time coming but totally worth the wait! Why a new identity? When Roots SA first opened in 2003 we only had Green Industry clients and the name, logo and feel of the business was perfect for what we needed. Since then we’ve branched out to be more than just green finger focussed and we thought it …

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