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  • The Practical (Part 2) - Edgerank or Edgewank?

    Edgerank or Edgewank? – The Practical (Part 2)

    Last week I spoke about the theory behind Edgerank. This week I’m going to delve into the “behind the scenes” workings I did and my findings. Please note that I have looked at these stats for 7 clients that range in fan numbers, post frequency and different audiences, and the findings are similar to a point but each have …

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  • Edgerank or Edgewank? The Theory (Part 1)

    I’m having a small (read EPIC) war in my head with Edgerank and how to justify to my clients why Facebook is still a viable avenue without spending money, so I’ve had to crunch the numbers putting physical experience into play instead of reading up on other people’s experience which seems to be somewhat tainted. Last week I started with my personal experience and now I'm moving …

  • Organic Growth on Facebook is Dead

    There has been a great deal of hype about ‘Getting Your Business on Facebook’ or else face the dire consequences that your business is a dying one. I used to tell people pretty much the same thing except lately the benefits of having a business page are becoming blurry. The question used to be: Are you a Business2Business or a Business2Consumer company? This will dictate the urgency …

  • Marry the right agency, from the start!

    Last week I discussed the issues local brands face in marketing within an affordable budget and this week I’m going to delve into this more deeply from a budgetary point of view so you can assess whether you are going to get what you’re after with your current agency or if doing some shopping around would be more beneficial.

    What’s your budget?

    Probably the scariest question …