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Today I watched the parliamentary proceedings relating to Black Tuesday and the Protection of State Information Bill (#POIB).

I know nothing about politics other than, like religion; it ruins conversations and turns negative quite quickly. I am well aware that politicians are thieves of the most arrogant kind and even if some are better at hiding their misgivings than the ANC, they all have their own agenda.

My view on what happened today:

The people objected to the passing of the POIB and the ANC openly revelled in being able to ignore and overrule what the people so desperately wanted. Period. A revision that would protect South Africans and Government alike while forsaking neither.

I’m not suggesting the bill is right, wrong, half right or just plain rubbish. I am saying that their sheer delight at being able to pass a bill that the public disagree with shows their blatant disregard and lack of respect for the people of South Africa. The actions and looks of “ha ha ha ... did you really think you could stop us” shocked me to my core. This is not a joke. The ANC is behaving as though it is nothing more than a chess game and were thrilled to declare “check” on the public today. I hope it doesn’t go all the way to “check mate”.

I was moved by the declarations heard by opposing parties. I understand that while they probably had agendas of their own they were still compelling and moving arguments, on behalf of the people. It was patently obvious that only one political party would benefit from this bill being passed. I see some saying that the people of the country are to blame because it is them who voted the ANC into power. The way I see it is that many of the people who voted for the ANC have not even the slightest clue that this was even taking place today. Of the ones that were aware, I saw only dismay. 

This issue is important enough to the people that it should go out to vote. Not a vote by the very people who stand to gain from the decision but a public vote. That is true democracy in my opinion.

"Press Freedom will never be under threat in South Africa as long as the ANC is the majority party" ~ Nelson Mandela 1997. I guess time changes everything.

Twitter was buzzing with disapproval. Mine included.

See you at the Constitutional Court.


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