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Excuse my lack of enthusiasm on the topic of Follow Friday but it’s hard to be positive about something with such great potential that’s ended up being used politically for ego stroking of the worst kind.

Some people are so addicted to bettering their online reputation they even retweet their own #FF’s and compliments. I’m still not sure whether that’s pure ignorance or because that extra stroke to their ego is somewhat euphoric. It certainly does nothing for reputation and adding a ‘thanks’ in front doesn’t make it any more acceptable. Why can’t they just reply directly to thank someone? Some of them even snigger, in between, that people on Facebook ‘like’ their own statuses ... oh the irony!

Now just so we are clear ... if I was #FF’ed or mentioned by someone FAAAYMUS I would totally retweet it. I’d probably retweet it periodically until I didn’t smile while doing it. Luckily that’s only a once a week occurrence so you can all breathe.

#FF was originally created, as far as I am aware, as a way to promote worthy tweeters. Kind of like a real world word of mouth, “he/she’s awesome AT TWEETING”. All I see is a stream of politically correct #FF’s. Friday’s a terrible day to try and post something worthy (including a meaningful #FF) because all everyone cares about is how many times they’re being mentioned, how many followers they’ve gained and whether or not they’ve missed out someone.

It’s reached spam like proportions. It’s as though, on a Friday, people forget all about Quality over Quantity. People need to calm down already. Or maybe I need to calm down.

I’m not going to tell you to stop EFFing up my timeline on a Friday. I’m merely venting the ridiculousness of what it’s become. I’ll file it under #GoodIdeasGoneBad and be done with it.

Till next week!



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