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  • It’s Follow Friday on Twitter! YAY! (not really)

    Excuse my lack of enthusiasm on the topic of Follow Friday but it’s hard to be positive about something with such great potential that’s ended up being used politically for ego stroking of the worst kind.

    Some people are so addicted to bettering their online reputation they even retweet their own #FF’s and compliments. I’m still not sure whether that’s pure …

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  • It's a new era for Roots SA and we're feeling good!

    The beginning of November marked a new start with a new identity for Roots SA.

    It was a long time coming but totally worth the wait! Why a new identity? When Roots SA first opened in 2003 we only had Green Industry clients and the name, logo and feel of the business was perfect for what we needed. Since then we’ve branched out to be more than just green finger focussed and we thought it …

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  • Nobody’s Perfect

    One of the things I am reminded of daily is perfectionism and how it works for me and against me. I strive to ensure that everything is in perfect balance, runs perfectly smoothly and is perfectly timed. Every now and then I am assaulted with the bald face truth that I am not perfect and neither is anyone around me. This is especially prevalent in my dealings with employees, but also in dealings …

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  • The Power of Words

    “Words start wars and end them, create love and choke it, bring us to laughter and joy and tears. Words cause men and women willingly to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honour. Our world as we know it revolves around the power of words.” Secret Formula’s of the Wizard of Ads.

    A Personal Perspective

    I Love words and always have. I play word games as often as …

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  • Inbound Marketing – It’s the New Black!


    I’ll start by saying: “What a book”! Everyone should get it! In my first blog post I expressed a keen interest in learning much more about online marketing. This is a completely new avenue for me, being traditionally orientated to TV, radio and more than anything else, print media. I was forwarded a blog post a while back in which Dharmesh, a co-author of the book …

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  • Inspiring the Contributor

    If there is one challenge that perturbs me about phase 1 of our new project – it’s how to get the contributor (in this case – a photographer) inspired to do what’s required to help us make it a success. I find photographers particularly difficult to coerce because they are creative people who have very little interest in the administration of their work. I’m aware …

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  • Time is of the Essence

    It’s been a while since I put out a blog post and it all comes down to the one critical thing a person needs when preparing a Start-up and then even more during the process - Time Management. In light of this major stumbling block I’ve happened upon (yet again) – I thought I’d tell you about it in an effort to get back on track with weekly blog post. I’ve done …

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  • Endorsed Strategy - To Be or Not To Be?

    Welcome back! That's to me of course. I'm not entirely convinced that it's possible for someone in the advertising industry to stick to deadlines, except the ABF (Absolute Bloody Final) one. I have now reached what I consider to be my ABF on this blog post – so here it is! Truth be told, I have been grappling with the written expression of the endorsed strategy because I find it a rather …

  • The Multi-branded approach

    Welcome to my fourth blog post!We recently finished a fabulous but exhausting logo design process – thanks to everyone who voted! We received and commented on over 1000 logo designs and I could never have anticipated having seen our "name" written in so many ways. It was awesome to work with over 100 designers from all over the world – all giving it their best shot! I would recommend …

  • Branding Approach: Let's get Monolithic

    Hello again

    I firmly believe that it's more important to own markets than to own products and the only way to own markets is to own dominant brands. Branding a new company is often a very exciting project and should be enjoyed from the word go! Once you know the rules of engagement it is a very simple game to play.  An overview of the different branding options a company has available to …

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