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  • Purple Passion

    Seeing such a usually undesirable creature sitting on such a punchy purple plant reminds me that everything has its place. Nature doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter how undesirable an insect, it pollinates plants so that we may have more beauty in our life. Even though I'm pretty sure I've judged every boook by its cover, perhaps it's time to look a little deeper?

    Fly DNA is 75% similar …

  • Isolation

    Finding solace in isolation. It's not usual to see a marabou stork on their own since they breed in colonies but this picture reminds me that sometimes getting a bit of time out from people and things and distractions is a very healing place to go to. Feel the fullness of who you are in a massively cluttered world.

    Leptoptilos crumeniferus is a large, unusual looking bird. In addition to …

  • Passionately Pastel

    Imagine having these gorgeous blue water lilies scattered all over your pond. Their sunshine centre with lilac petals combined with their natural home in water is such a serene setting. I can imagine mythical nymphs living amongst their petals and dancing in the brightness of their glow.

    Nymphaea caerulea or Blue Lotus or Blue Water Lily or Egyptian Lotus is regarded as the most valuable lily …

  • Metropolis

    Sandton City, ablaze with city lights in the night air. The Gautrain path is still being constructed in the foreground while life just carry's on all around. I'm not a fan of the concrete jungle but there is something magical about city lights and capturing history in the making.

    Sandton Timeline:

    10 000 years ago: Stone Age hunters walked the Sandton plains

    1 000 years ago: Tribesmen …