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  • Ocean Mists

    A view to die for. Who wouldn't want to wake up to see fine wispy mists, whether clouds or ocean sprays, creating a picture perfect scene over a sea view? A idyllic scene that is unfortunately reserved for the richest among us, only.

    Mist and fog form over areas where there is plenty of moisture, such as river valleys, lakes and harbours. If warm air meets cold seas or waters (or any cooler …

  • Fly on White

    Unless you're right in natures face through a macro lens you'll never see the many different types of insects that make up our vast array of insects in all the microcosms around us. This fly is a perfect example of a less desirable species turned just a little ... more desirable.

    With over one hundred and fifty thousand Diptera species, divided into over one hundred families, a proper …

  • Pelican Plight

    Pelicans are not the most attractive birds around but they have their own appeal when you can capture their 'good' side.  It's amazing how such a large bird can be so graceful as it glides over the water. Does size really have anything to do with grace, or is it how comfortable you feel about yourself?

    Most pelicans will fish in groups. They beat the water with their wings to drive fish …

  • Life Cycles

    The brightly coloured bloom in the front will soon face the same fate as the insignificant ball in the background ... the cycle of life. It doesn't dread its future or struggle against the natural order of things. It just naturally follows its course because without its life coming to an end, the seeds for new life will never get dispersed.

    One way in which seeds are dispersed is by attaching …

  • Sultry Sunset

    I love sunset pictures, even if they are supposedly the least sought after pictures on stock libraries. It's a creative palette that no-one can interfere with. Natures very own canvas to show us her magnificence every day, without fail. She's magnificent in the morning and magnificent in the evening, even if we take no notice.

    It is often written that natural and manmade dust and pollution …