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  • Isolation

    Finding solace in isolation. It's not usual to see a marabou stork on their own since they breed in colonies but this picture reminds me that sometimes getting a bit of time out from people and things and distractions is a very healing place to go to. Feel the fullness of who you are in a massively cluttered world.

    Leptoptilos crumeniferus is a large, unusual looking bird. In addition to …

  • Passionately Pastel

    Imagine having these gorgeous blue water lilies scattered all over your pond. Their sunshine centre with lilac petals combined with their natural home in water is such a serene setting. I can imagine mythical nymphs living amongst their petals and dancing in the brightness of their glow.

    Nymphaea caerulea or Blue Lotus or Blue Water Lily or Egyptian Lotus is regarded as the most valuable lily …

  • Metropolis

    Sandton City, ablaze with city lights in the night air. The Gautrain path is still being constructed in the foreground while life just carry's on all around. I'm not a fan of the concrete jungle but there is something magical about city lights and capturing history in the making.

    Sandton Timeline:

    10 000 years ago: Stone Age hunters walked the Sandton plains

    1 000 years ago: Tribesmen …

  • Dragons be Flying

    There has always been something quite mythical about dragonflies in my mind. I loved seeing them sweep over the pool in the summer and was so disappointed to find one that had been drowned. I was scared they would sting or bite or hurt me so never tried to catch one. 

    There were huge dinosaur dragonflies that lived 300 million years ago. The largest fossil found had a 2 ½ foot …

  • Curious Kitten

    If you're ever feeling blue you just need to spend some time watching your pets. Kittens and cats are especially therapeutic in my opinion. They are playful and naughty even when they have nothing but nature to play with, reminding us that we can be alone but not necessarily lonely.

    A cat can’t climb head first down a tree because every claw on a cat’s paw points the same way. To …

  • Lady Bird Poppy

    Poppy's are an exquisite flower in any garden. You can watch them 'pop' open, if you're up early enough, in a matter of an hour or two. This lady bird poppy is specifically gorgeous for me. So bright and attractive they bring that child like fairy tale feel.

    Poppy flowers are native worldwide and have been prized not just for their stunning beauty but for their medicinal history as well. Prior …

  • Crimson Skies

    When last did you take some time out to watch a sunrise or sunset? To appreciate the beauty around you? The sky has an endless supply of shades and designs for us to enjoy yet so few of us stop to watch the daily show.

    Locations north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle experience no sunset or sunrise at least one day of the year. ~ A Daily Dose of Joy

    Picture credit: …

  • Bee Happy

    Macro photography is one my favourite kind. We get to be up close and personal with things the naked eye just cannot see. If we could look through a macro lens more often, nature would surely not be taken for granted half as much as it is now.

    Did you know that the honey bee has been around for 30 million years and it is the only insect that produces food eaten by man? ~ Bee Right

    Picture …

  • Caged Sadness

    The emotive nature of pictures is often what brings them their popularity. People seem to revel in sadness as much as they do in beauty ... if not sometimes more. 

    The good news is that this picture is from a rescue centre which educates people about owls and other birds. 

    FACT: Owls have long been a part of human folklore and legend. Owls are depicted in cave paintings in France …

  • Garden and Home Rose

    A rose so pure and unspoilt is why is has long been used as the symbol of love and beauty throughout the world. This specific rose was grown by Ludwigs Roses for Garden and Home magazine in celebration of their 50th anniversary, a milestone not to be sneezed at in an industry where magazines struggle to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

    The Garden and Home Rose is growing in my …