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  • Pizza Commercials

    I have seen many pizza ads which are mostly all the same. Sometimes someone tries to step out the box and create something that is different and might just set them apart from the rest. The challenge is to make sure you don't encourage people to put you out in the cold because your advertising is so bad.

    Dominos Pizza got it right! [watch]

    And Romans Pizza ... well ... they got it horribly …

  • The Everyday Collection. By Target. - "Ravenous"

    The Everyday Collection. By Target. - "Ravenous"

    This ad is very powerful in it's extreme scenes but does it really help to sell the product? I don't think so. I think it makes pregnant woman look like crazy people!

    I can't tell if the ad is about clothing, prenatal tablets or just eating. After reading up on it it looks like a grocery store. The Everyday Collection. By Target. That really …

  • Virgin Atlantic's new ad - Flying in the face of ordinary

    Virgin Atlantic's new ad - Flying in the face of ordinary

    I think this is a great ad for someone like Virgin. I can see the cheesy side of it being mocked, but it was well put together never the less.

    In a time when super heroes are so topical worldwide, its appeal is far reaching. I especially like that they believe every part of their crew is equally important. They understand that if one …

  • Do you know this guy? Internet Explorer

    I love this ad for so many reasons but the most obvious one being … I am that guy *cough* girl. I hate almost everything about Internet Explorer. This ad, however, made me smile and say IE’s advertising helps them suck a little less so I shared it, helping them build their brand even if I won’t use them myself. Who knows what may come …


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