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Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by customers instead of hounding them, day and night, at robots and on highways, on holiday and at work ... trying to sell, sell, sell.

Many companies are ‘going social’ without really knowing what it means and many marketing companies are taking advantage of them by offering to ‘help’ them when even they know very little about it.

If you don’t have a strategy from the start, with clear guidelines on what you’re going to get for your spend then we’d suggest you pause, think and put it on ice till you’re absolutely ready.

Frankie is not only professional in her approach to business but she is also innovative, creative and efficient. She always gives more than 100% to any project she undertakes. Dealing with her and her team is a pleasure!
– René Bowers

Inbound marketing is about more than just social media or blogging or web development on their own. It’s about marrying all those elements and having an online presence which builds long term relationships, resulting in lifetime customers.